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SMC primary injection sets are a perfect solution, as the range of products are situated between the two options previously mentioned. The primary injection equipment manufactured by SMC is a large range of products that meet the power, current, and accuracy required for this type of testing.

The secondary injection equipment for relay testing has been the main activity of SMC. For this reason, the extensive range of products comes from the experience obtained during the past 25 years. This type of equipment has enabled us to have a complete range of equipment with different philosophies for the various applications and customers who use relay test equipment.

Portable equipment designed for maintenance and commissioning of substations and power plants. Low resistance micro ohmmeters, digital timers, windings resistance, contact resistance, circuit breaker timing and motion, phase angle and frequency measurements.

The ETP system is a set of equipment orientated to predictive maintenance in power transformers. The objective of all the equipment that makes up the system of predictive maintenance of transformer and rotary machines is to optimize the maintenance costs and to detect any faults before they occur. Also to manage the status of the machine to avoid and minimizing any down time.

The testing of MCB’s enables the detection of the deviations in the characteristics and the quality control of these devices for the companies which manufactures or sells them. Random sample testing is required for MCB manufactures and is normally carried out by Utilities when purchasing large quantities. Testing those already installed in Industry is also required.

Since its introduction, the IEC 61850 has established as the standard for substation automation, a new way of thinking that provides large improvements in costs and performance of electric power systems, being currently used in many substations worldwide. The IEC 61850 represents the migration from the analog to the digital world to the substations.

Each equipment is supplied with a full range of standard accessories that allows the full functionality of the equipment once acquired, such as power and test leads set, protective bag or case, standard specific software, etc, but SMC also offers a full range of optional accessories for each equipment or system that can be purchased at any time, as well as other must-have tools that can also be used independently to the equipment that they complement (such as the portable timer PTE-30-CH or the battery simulator PTE-FCG).

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SMC products are well known for high reliability at competitive prices, being the preferred choice of professionals. Thousands of units are now being used in more than 100 countries; as usual with SMC test equipment, simplicity and ease-of-use are common to all testing solutions.

A wide range of equipment, which is flexible with several options for each application, with the accuracy and power required, using the latest technology in compact and robust instruments with easy maintenance and updateable design. Time and cost saving solutions designed to lower the testing complexity and facilitate the work of our customers.

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NoramSMC designs, manufactures, and markets a range of Electronic Equipment for Electrical Testing, mainly in Protection Relay Field and in general, test equipment related to the commissioning and maintenance in Substations and power plants.

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