Industrial Automation Lines

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ABB Controls

ABB is a technology-based provider of power and automation products, systems, solutions, motor controls, power supplies, terminal blocks, and services.

Absolute Process Instruments

API is a diverse designer and manufacturer of standard and custom electronic products. API specializes in signal conditioning products, digital pressure gauges, signal isolators and industrial signal transmitters.

AEMC Instruments

AEMC Instruments manufactures professional electrical test and measurement instruments for the industrial, commercial and utility marketplace.


Alber offers; stationary battery monitors and test equipment, battery diagnostic systems, capacity test systems, resistance testers, hydrometers, and load banks.

Amprobe Test Tools

Amprobe offers a wide range of devices, which are the preferred choice of professionals for testing and measuring electrical properties in various field applications.


ASCO, the world's leading manufacturer of solenoid valves, emergency transfer switches, lighting contactors, pressure transducers, pneumatic valves, and filter/regulator lubricators.

Balluff Sensors Worldwide

Balluff is the world's leading electronic sensor manufacturer providing innovative and practical sensing solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering is Manufacturer of Wireless Communications Products, Wireless Sensor Networks, Indicator Lights and LED Tower and Stack Lights.*not authorized in all areas*


Burkert is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases.

Cecomp Electronics

Cecomp a division of Absolute Process Instruments, specializes in the manufacturing of digital pressure gauges, digital vacuum gauges, digital pressure switches and indicating 4-20mA transmitters.

Chicago Protective Apparel

Chicago Protective products inslude Fire Entry Suits, Kiln Suits, aprons, chaps, snakebite protective pants, specialty gloves, Nomex clothing, glass handlers outfits and welding protective clothing and accessories.

Conery Manufacturing

Conery produces equipment for the wastewater industry at the highest level of quality. Conery matches their superior products with excellent service, pricing, and reliable timely shipping.


Danaher is a diversified technology leader that designs, manufactures, and markets innovative products and services to professional, medical, industrial, and commercial customers.

Delta Electronics

Delta's switching power supplies provide power ranging up to 7,200W+ per power module, with efficiency of over 90% and power density of up to 25W/inch3. They are modular, redundant, hot swappable, and provide universal input power systems for high reliability.

Diversified Electronics

The ATC Diversified Electronics division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation offers some of the industy’s highest reliability motor protection and alternating relay products.

Dwyer Instruments

Dwyer Instruments is a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry, and serves major markets including, but not limited to HVAC, chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control.


Dynapar offers the world's broadest range of encoders, resolvers and accessories for motion feedback control.

Encoder Products Company

Encoder Products Company is a leading manufacturer of incremental optical rotary encoders for shaft and hollow bore industrial applications.


Entrelec offers all the most standard connection in screw or screwless wire termination technologies plus the exclusive ADO System, a unique Insulation Displacement Connection technology.


EXM is a leading manufacturer of standard industrial enclosures.

Extech Instruments

Extech Instruments is a full-line supplier of handheld electronic measuring equipment, other handheld measuring instruments, and portable printers.

FLIR Systems

FLIR makes thermal imagers, thermal imager components, as well as larger systems containing thermal imagers along with other sensors, for both commercial and military applications.


Fluke Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and sells commercial electronic test and measurement instruments for scientific, service, educational, industrial, and government applications.

Gas Measurement Instruments

GMI (Gas Measurement Instruments) designs combustible gas and confined space detectors.

HD Electric Company

HD Electric designs; test, measurement, and safety controls and system monitoring equipment, utility specialty products, and utility lighting products.


Hengstler is a leading manufacturer of industrial components for counting and control applications, such as counters / timers, encoders, and industrial / temperature controllers, relays.

Hyde Park

A division of Schneider Electric, Hyde Park designs and manufactures reliable noncontact sensors for the most difficult applications.

Jaquet Technology Group

Jaquet is a global engineering and manufacturing company offering advanced range of solutions for the detection, measurement, diagnosis and management of rotational speed.

Lewis Manufacturing

Lewis offers a complete line of Fall Arrest Harnesses, Shock Absorbing Lanyards, Single and Double Retractable Lanyards, and Lanyard Anchors for all the jobs on the rig.


For over 100 years, Megger has been the premier provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications.


Mencom Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of Industrial Electrical Connectors. The Company is ISO 9001:2000 Certified, and has been servicing the industry for over 20 years.

Mercoid Controls

Mercoid Controls produces a broad range of pressure, temperature, and level controls for use in heavy industrial, petrochemical, and electrical utility plants.

Namco Controls

Namco is the only source for limit switches for use in Nuclear Power Plants qualified to NRC requirements, with installations around the world. Namco is also available for industrial applications.

NK Technologies

NK Technologies is a manufacturer of current sensors and transducers serving the factory and industrial automation markets.


Northstar rotary encoders with magnetic sensing technology are rugged and reliable.

Dallas Repair Center Repair

Dallas Repair Center is a fully integrated electronic repair and service source for industry, our repair capabilities extend over a product range that is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.


Pfannenberg is a provider of alarm horns with multiple tones for audible alarm signaling in harsh, industrial environments.

Red Lion

Red Lion manufactures and distributes a family of quality and value oriented industrial control products (HMIs, process controls, panel meters, sensors, and software).

Sierra Monitor

Sierra Monitor offers an array of high quality, state-of-the-art, fixed gas detectors, gas monitors, flame detectors and hazardous gas detection systems that are used in industrial markets worldwide.


SICK is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications, including encoders and fluid sensors.

Simpson Electric

Simpson Electric Company has been a leader in the panel and test instrument industry since 1927.

Sky Electronics

Sky Electronics is an American owned company, founded in 1984. Located in Oxford, Georgia, Sky Electronics is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of relays and relay sockets.

Square D

A division of Schneider Electric, Square D developes systems present in various sectors of electricity and automation equipment for a wide varity of sensor applications.


Symcom designs and manufactures an array of current and voltage monitors, overload relays, custom electronic control, intrinsically-safe relays, motor and pump controls, timers, and flashers.

Synergy Systems

Synergy Systems specializes in remote monitoring, data acquisition, and control systems.

Teledyne Hastings Instruments

Teledyne Hastings Instruments is a trusted manufacturer of a wide range of quality Vacuum Instruments and Gas Mass Flow Instruments.

Telemecanique Instruments

Telemecanique Instruments is a trusted manufacturer of a wide range of quality industrial automation sensors and cables.


Unitronics has a full line of PLC+HMI "All in One" packaged programmable controllers.
The basic series starts with a 2 line x 16 character display. The advanced series goes up to a 15.4 inch color touchscreen.


Founded in 1961, WEG is global solutions provider of industrial electrical technologies. WEG offers variable frequency drives, solid state starters, and motor controls.


Wiegmann is a tier one enclosure manufacturer set up to provide a wide variety of materials from carbon steel, galvanized, stainless, aluminum, and painted.

Zeus Battery

Zeus Battery offers a complete selection of replacement batteries, chargers, and custom battery packs for all portable power requirements.

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